Ratu Sukuna Park

Ratu Sukuna Park offers a pleasing and attractive location at the waterfront of Suva, with views of the harbour to the west and Victoria Parade to the east. It is also flanked by the Suva Civic Center, an arts and cultural venue, and a short walk from the Old Town Hall, an ornate landmark of the Victorian era.

The park is named after the founding father of Fiji, Ratu Sir Lala Sukuna.

We encourage you to look over theme options for Ratu Sukuna Park. If you would like to check the availability of dates or discuss your event requirements please call our acting Property Officer Mr. Ravindran Kumaran on Phone: (679) 3313433 (Ext 374) Mobile: (679) 998 0081 or email ravindran.kumaran@scc.org.fj and would be more than happy to be the first touch point in bringing your event to life.