Sanitation Section

The Officers that operates from this section are Environmental Health Officers [EHOs] and their support Clerical Officers. The Key activities performed by these EHOs are:

Sanitary Improvements on Rateable Properties

1. Inspections of:

Residential Commercial Industrial Educational and undeveloped properties

2. Inspections of:

Hotels Boarding Houses Homestays
Restaurants Refreshment Bars Coffee Shops
Butcher Shops Bakeries Food Kitchens
Aerated Water Factories Food Processing Factories Drinking Water Bottling Factories
Chiropodists Shops Beauty Salons Massage Parlors

Litter Prevention

  1. General public awareness for proper rubbish disposal methods
  2. Litter inspections and bookings of offenders

Processing of Development Applications & Building Applications

  1. Scrutinize the building plans for conformance of the relevant legislation.
  2. Health comments are entered in the respective building files for applicants to attend to.
  3. Recommend for approvals after the comments are satisfactorily attended to.
  4. Site inspections in view of issuance of completion certificates or.
  5. Site inspections in view of issuance of temporary occupancy of premises other than a Food Business Operation [FBO].

Food Safety

1. Inspections of:

Restaurants Refreshment Bars Coffee shops
Taverns Night clubs Liquor Bottles shops
Butcher shops Bakeries Food kitchens
Aerated Water factories Other Food Processing factories Drinking Water Bottling factories
Kava Pounding premises Ice-Cream factories School Canteens
Supermarkets Grocery Retail shops Market Food stalls

2. Condemnations of unsound food
3. Investigations of verified reported cases of food poisoning

Pollution Control

  • Referrals to the appropriate Departments are made upon receipt of complains otherwise the issues are dealt by the Council.

Processing of Business License Applications (New and Renewal)

1. Business license applications go through health inspections as well to ensure compliance.

  • The premises is conducive to the nature of business being applied for
  • Good lighting system & adequate/ suitable mode of ventilation
  • Provision of proper garbage bins as per regulations
  • Provision of adequate sanitary facilities
  • Intended place of business must be clean
  • Prosecutorial

Restaurant Grading

Click on this link if you are to view the Restaurant Grading Checklist – PDF

Mosquito Control

  1. Inspections of undeveloped properties ( vacant lots)
  2. Mosquito larvae survey

Customer Services

  • General enquirers
  • Attend to health related complaints for abatement of nuisances.