Services – Suva City Council

The Council with its adequate resources have been provided to ensure that the operational Departments comprising of the Engineering, Health and Administration & Operations can render their respective community services to the level which can transform the Suva City landscape with beautification projects, recreational parks, picnic areas, upgraded and clean public conveniences and also a very clean environment.

Chief Executive Officer Department

This Department is solely responsible for the affairs of the Special Administrator and the Chief Executive Officer of the Suva City Council and oversees and ensuring the other Departments are running.

Administration & Operation Department

The Administration & Operation Department oversees the administration of the Council’s Human Resources, the management of the Council’s Properties, the provision of the Library Services to the Citizens of Suva and its visitors and also manages other facilities that the Council provides its stakeholders

Engineering Services Department

The role of this department is divided into 4 sections – the Works Depot which involves in the construction and maintenance of the Council properties and its parks and gardens with the beautification of the city of Suva

Health Services Department

The Health Services Department provides the most crucial services to the lives of our citizens in trying to improve the living conditions and quality of life of the City Community

Finance Department

The role of the Finance Department are to assist the Council with the collection of City Rates including the Rates Arrears and the billing and collection of Business Licenses for operating within the Suva City Municipality