Operation Section

The Suva City Council defines waste management as a set of activities that included:

  • the collection, transport and disposal of waste;
  • control, monitoring and regulation of the production, collection, transport and disposal of waste and
  • prevention of waste production through in-process modification, reuse and recycling.

The key activities that this section performs are the:

  1. Solid Waste Management
  2. General Cleaning and maintenance of
    • City streets,
    • Parks,
    • Reserves,
    • Public drains and creeks
  1. Cleaning and maintenance of all Public Conveniences
  2. Provision of cleaning of Public litter bins
  3. Approval for over development of buildings
  4. Provide services for emptying gully pits and septic tanks
  5. Health Promotions and Awareness
  6. Community participation
  7. Dog control in the City

Suva City generates 65–68 tons of waste per day, including green waste. More than 80% is organic waste from vegetables, food, market waste, and fibers. Another 16% is paper and cardboard wastes as reported.