Suva Carnegie Library

A well-known landmark is the Suva City Library or the Carnegie Library, built in 1909 as well as many other colonial buildings. The Government buildings complex sits on what were once the flowing waters of a creek. After the foundation stone was laid in 1937, the building was completed in 1939; a new wing was completed in 1967. Parliament, however, was moved to a new complex on Ratu Sukuna Road in 1992.

Government House

Government House was formerly the residence of Fiji’s colonial Governors and, following independence in 1970, Governors-General. It is now the official residence of Fiji’s President. Originally erected in 1882, it had to be rebuilt in 1928, following its destruction by lightning in 1921.

Fiji Museum

The Fiji Museum, located in Thurston Gardens, was founded in 1904 and originally occupied the old town hall, but moved to its present location in 1954. The museum houses the most extensive collection of Fijian artifacts in the world, and is also a research and educational institution, specializing in archaeology, the preservation of Fiji’s oral tradition, and the publication of material on Fiji’s language and culture.


Suva has around 78 parks, these include the new Takashi Suzuki Garden, Apted Park at Suva Point which is a popular spot for viewing sunrise and sunset, Thurston Gardens which was opened in 1913 and has flora from throughout the South Pacific. The Suva Bowling Club provides an added twist by hosting many bowling competitions. The Rifle Range Golf course provides laid-back entertainment for keen golfers.


The city is the home to the University of the South Pacific which offers courses which are internationally recognized and endorsed. It also now has two more Universities namely as the Fiji National University and the University of Fiji.


The main shopping areas are Thompson St, Cumming St, Marks St, Pier St and Ellery St. More modern shopping malls, such as the Suva Central Shopping Mall, Mid-City Mall as well as MHCC are all part of the developments to give the city a modern and sophisticated look.

Tappoo City

In December 2009, there was an addition to Suva’s skyline with the opening of Tappoo City valued at USD25.7 million (FJD50 million) a joint venture six storey low-rise building project by FNPF & Tappoo Group of Companies as Fiji’s (and South Pacific’s) largest department.

Damodar City

Construction work began in January 2011 for a FJD30 million mini-mall complex at Grantham Road behind the Sports-City Complex and close proximity to University of the South Pacific, which will house restaurants, retail outlets and cinemas. Construction was completed in mid 2012 and now it has attracted a lot of attention and has become one of Suva’s most visited place.

Some of the main tourist attractions within the city include:

  • Fiji Museum
  • Thurston Gardens
  • Suva City Carnegie Library
  • Bowling Club
  • Golf Course at Rifle Range
  • Queen Elizabeth Drive/Foreshore
  • Takashi Suzuki Garden
  • Sukuna Park
  • Peace Garden
  • Heritage buildings
  • Handicraft Center
  • Nasese Foreshore Picnic Spot
  • MHCC Complex
  • Tappoo City Complex
  • Government Building
  • Suva Olympic Pool
  • Suva Point
  • Game Fishing
  • Suva City Market