Suva City Councils is expected to deliver many services and to provide an acceptable level of public amenities for the benefit of all ratepayers. It provides essential services such waste management and community facilities and infrastructure such as parks, libraries, community centers. Its main source of revenue is from city rates. This rate is based on the assessed value of each property on a fixed date for all rateable properties across the city area. The rate is based on the un-improved capital value of each property on a fixed rates struck for all rateable properties across the city area. There are five boundaries within Suva city which are Suva (Central), Samabula, Muanikau, Tamavua and Extension (Cunningham) boundaries which covers Tamavua-i-wai up to Rewa Dairy.

For any further inquiries, please contact the Rates Staff on 3313 433 ext. 122, 217, 218, 219, 221 or through fax on 3304419.


Please download and complete the Customer_Profile_Form (PDF) and mail to:

The Chief Executive Officer
Suva City Council
PO Box 176

Or email a scanned copy to rates.enquiry@scc.org.fj or contact Rates inquiries on (679) 3313433 Ext 217 for further clarifications.

Payment Options

Rate payers must obtain an official validated receipt when making payments. Council would not be accepting responsibility where such receipts are not obtained. There are several payment options available to enable the ratepayers to make rate payments, as listed below:

Payment in Person

Payments can be made via by the Cashier at the SCC Administration Building, 196 Victoria Parade, Suva. Payment can be made by Cash, Cheque, Credit card, Debit card.

(Cashier Office) Hours

Monday – Thursday 8.30 am-3.45pm
Friday 8.30am-3.30pm
Saturday 8.30am-1.00pm


Payments through cheque could be addressed to:
The Chief Executive Officer
Suva City Council
PO Box 176
Suva The accounts would be updated upon receipt and the appropriate receipts would be mailed to the sender. PLEASE DO NOT SEND CASH BY MAIL.


Payments can also be made through M-Paisa and the accounts will be updated upon receipt of funds.

Direct Deposit/Internet Banking

For direct deposits or Internet Banking, rates could be paid through:

Westpac Banking Corporation Account: # 9800003185 Swift code: WPACFJFX
ANZ Bank – Account # 5682023 Swift code: ANZBFJFX3
BSP Bank – Account # 8166956 Swift code: BOSPFJFJ
Bred Bank – Account # 00114268053 Swift code: BREDFJFJ
HFC Bank – Account # 100019063 Swift code: HFCLFJFJ

Please specific the assessment number on the narrative so that the rate officers will be able to update your account.

Source Deduction

Rates could also be made through source deductions. However, arrangements would have to be paid by the individual the rate payer with their organizations.Please download and complete the Source_Deduction_Form (PDF) and mail to:The Chief Executive Officer
Suva City Council
PO Box 176
Suva Or email a scanned copy to rates.enquiry@scc.org.fj or contact Rates inquiries on (679) 3313433 Ext 217 for further clarifications.

Form to Download:

Customer_Profile_Form (PDF)
Source_Deduction_Form (PDF)


If having difficulty in paying rates should contact council at the earliest opportunity to arrange a payment schedule that is agreeable both to council and the ratepayer. This is essential to avoid council taking legal action to recover the outstanding rates. Please present yourselves at the Rates inquiries counter to complete the Rates_Arrangement_Form (PDF) attached.

Please be advised that this arrangement form for rates arrears only. This form can also be used when requested by the financial institutes when rate payer is applying loan and needs to show to them on amount outstanding.

Conditions that will apply which will include a 20% upfront payment and the remainder of the amount due to be divided into months provided this clears the arrears by the end of the current year.

Payment Options which are also available:

Quarterly installments
1st quarterly installment – Within 30 days of services of the first Rate
2nd quarterly installment – On or before 15th November
3rd quarterly installment – On or before 15th March
4th quarterly installment – On or before 15th July


Monthly installments
Annual rates will be divided into 12 months and payment to be done before the end of each month

Forms to Download:

Rates Calculations & Categories

Council rates are charged, using the unimproved value of the land for each property and is normally charged on the different categories of land. When charging rates, Council also applies one of the following land categories:

  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Industrial
  • Civic
  • Educational
  • Special

Rates are calculated by the application of the rate in the dollar, which is decided on by the Council during the preparation of the budget each year, multiplied by the unimproved capital value (UCV) of each individual property.

RRate August 2022 – July 2023 (VIP) = 2.339 cents = 0.02339 to Rate August 2023 – July 2024 (VIP) = 2.4678 cents = 0.02467

This means if your property is residential and is valued at $200,000 UCV – then your general rates for the current year would be $200,000 x 0.024678/100 = $4,678.00

Defaulting Ratepayers

Please note that if you don’t pay your rates on time Suva City Council takes the following actions:

  • Not renew your bus bay licenses
  • Not renew your tenancy agreements
  • Not accept building plans for approval
  • Not issue building completion certificate

For any other rates information please call Contact the Rates Section on telephone 3313 433 ext. 122, 245, 248, 219, 217, Fax 3304419 or email: rates.enquiry@scc.org.fj

Change of Address or Ownership of Property

If you have changed your postal or physical address or have recently transferred ownership of any property owned, you are to immediately notify the Suva City Council.

Notice of Sale or Transfer of Property

The Local Government Act provides the CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER must be advised within 1 month of any sale or transfer of property. The relevant section of the act reads as follows:

  • Subject to the provisions of this section –
  1. The person liable to pay rates and the transferee in any case where the person so liable transfers his estates or interest in rateable land;
  2. The mortgagee of rateable land in any case where under the provisions of the mortgage he enters into possession of the land;
  3. The trustee, executor or administrator of the estate or interest in rateable land of the deceased person, shall within one month of such transfer, entry into possession, grant or probate or letters of administration, as the case may require, GIVE NOTICE THEREOF TO THE CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER, SUVA CITY COUNCIL.
  • Subject to the provisions of paragraph above, it shall not be necessary for a mortgagee to give notice of any mortgage nor of the discharge thereof.

Sale of Land on which Rates are Outstanding

The new owner is responsible for the payment of any rates plus interest owing on the land purchased.

Forms to Download:

Rates_Arrangement_Form (PDF)
Customer_Profile_Form (PDF)
Source_Deduction_Form (PDF)