The cosmopolitan nature of Suva and her people is perhaps no where better exemplified than in the market place. Men and women from nearly all segment of Fiji’s multiracial population gather here to offer their various wares to the public. Like market places everywhere in the world, the spread through atmosphere is one of most lively and energetic with enthusiasm and cheerfulness, along with bargaining and negotiating, both good-natured and otherwise, the order of the day.

Shoppers with time and patience can usually find what they are looking for at just the price they feel reasonable, for competition among merchants is always lively.

Products available in the markets in Suva varying according to its clientele to which they cater. The market and the mini-markets offer a wide selection of fresh, sun-ripened fruits as well as taro (dalo) and cassava (tavioka) and other vegetables with a variety of seafood more familiar to visitors in western countries.

The markets are not only Suva’s major fresh food supplier, it is also a means of livelihood for thousands of people, but is also a celebration – a six-day fair for those that use the market daily.