Doing Business

There are more than 7,000 registered businesses existing here at the moment. Some of the main requirements to start up a new business are: – Business Form, Requirements, Fees and Business acts.

The Council

Suva City Council is made up of reliable staff and management who effectively and efficiently manage the City affairs with the Government, the private sector and International Agencies and other…

Working With Us

The Suva City council offers attachment placements for students in a dynamic local government environment. Everyday our valued employees work together to make a difference, continuously…

Welcome to Suva – the Capital city of Fiji

Welcome to Suva City Online in the Fiji Islands. The Suva City Council is the municipal law-making body of the city of Suva, Fiji’s capital city.

This Suva City Council website provides information for both visitors and citizens. We hope you find the site useful, informative and fun. A vibrant city with strong community values, recognised for its quality lifestyle, dynamic investment opportunities and as a desirable place to live, work and visit.”

In this 21st Century our city will face many challenges, to some of these challenges we will have to adapt, to others we can respond. The measure of our success will be the extent to which we respond to the challenges we can overcome.

The second action taken by the Council was to begin work on this Strategic Plan. This plan is about choosing our destiny, about choosing a destiny delivered by accident, or choosing a destiny delivered by vision and purpose.

Suva City | Video courtesy of Skyward Industries

Whose vision were we to implement? This is where the principles of good governance first came to our assistance, if the people of Suva sought reform, then they would wish to participate in the process of reform. To this end the third action taken by the Council was to provide the opportunity for the community to participate directly in designing the vision.


Find information on the range of services and support available to local businesses, details of business rates and regulations & documentations on business licenses around Suva. Find resources on starting and managing a business, selling to and buying, exporting, importing and more…


SCC has rates implemented as a payment for various services provided by the council to the public. Rates are based on annual payments and help cover services such as garbage collection and others. For more information on forms and payments you can read more…

News & Views

We are liable for communications strategy of the council, media liaison, corporate communications and campaigns, design & print, publications e.g. Handy Guide to Council Services which manage and coordinate internal communications. For news & views from the public and council members…


Future plans in investing for a property and management, SCC has the role to inform developers on what people can take advantage of. We also provide development projects which will benefit the people of Suva in the foreseeable future.


For Business, Requirements, Fees, Business acts, Liquor license and others, download the forms provided. These provide information that can act as a guide for the residents of Suva to apply for their business applications, licenses and queries.

City Calendar

Events play an important role in the city of Suva as they help develop community pride and spirit, promote diverse ethnic communities to celebrate and endorse their culture, and provide the opportunity for people to discover new ideas & concepts.

My Suva Campaign

Suva City Council has initiated a campaign of civic pride and responsibility for the greater Suva community called appropriately called, ‘My Suva’. Inspired by the general population’s increased calls for stronger anti-liter and beautification measures, the My Suva campaign has been launched with many individual projects under the campaign’s umbrella to follow.

My Suva will seek to reach all Suva residents and visitors and to help them remember their responsibilities to keep Suva clean and to understand their personal role as a gatekeeper for current and future generations. We all must remember that Suva City is a place where we work, reside, visit and enjoy the natural beauty and treasures bestowed upon us and that we must always strive to leave a footprint behind that enhances and enlightens those who follow.

For more details on specific programs please directly contact – Suva City Council


Wards within the City of Suva

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