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Curio Handicraft Centre

If you come by sea and by the waterfront sits an outstanding curio centre. If you are in the city, then behind the Post Office sits the carvers and traders come mostly from Suva, though the goods come from as far as Lau and Vanua Levu, making this one of the mainland’s most authentic and least-expensive places to souvenir-shop. It is setup in an alley like section of stalls and just as well, because the eager sellers want your full attention on the selection of handicrafts, carvings, and jewelry at each of the 71 stalls.

Suva Market

Opening Hours


Days Time
Monday – Saturday 0800 hours – 1700hours (8am – 5pm)

Suva Handicraft Centre is an ideal place to find authentic Fijian carvings ready made as gifts or souvenir.

Suva Market
Turtle carvings

Suva Market
Wooven hand-bags