Street Trader

Any business that is operating in Suva must apply for a business license under Business License Act (CAP 204) with the Suva City Council. Those businesses operating outside of the Suva City Local Government area must apply to the respective Councils.

All business license applications received by the Business License section of the Suva City Council go through the following process:

  1. All applications with all applicable requirements are first received and registered by the Business license Section at the ground floor of the SCC Administration Building located at 196 Victoria Parade. Please refer to Street Trader/Hawker Requirement Checklist (PDF).
  2. A Town Planning Inspector will check the location of your business to make sure that you are allowed to operate your business there. For example, there are strict regulations for operating a business in a residential area. If you are planning to operate in a residential zone, a letter would need to be written to the Special Administrator explaining why you want to locate your business there. Include letters from your neighbors supporting the location of your business.
  3. Inspection on premises is required by Health Inspectors before business license is issued. Cleanliness and safety of the premises will be checked. If you are applying for a business licence to make or sell food/ Hair & Beauty Salon/ Barbershop, you will need a health permit. Please refer Health License checklist (PDF) before you submit your application.
  4. The application is forwarded back to finance where all approvals are verified. Once all approvals have been granted you will then be contacted by the Suva City Council to pay for and collect your Business License. If your application is not approved, you will be advised accordingly.

Business License processing timeline is 7-10 working days. However, please be advised that some applications may take a longer period of time due to the certain factors that may take longer to verify.

Important Things To Note Before Submitting Your Application

Forms to Download: