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Nabukalou Creek CleanUp
Written By Albert Wong
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Suva City Council in conjunction with Fiji Suppers, Uto-Ni-Yalo Trust, Lami Paddlers, IUCN, Ministry for Environment and Waterways, and Ministry of Economy hosted a clean-up campaign at Nabukalou Creek on Saturday, 27th February 2021 from 9.00 am to 12.00 pm.

The clean-up campaign was aimed to promote healthy oceans by means of plastic waste reduction and through the awareness campaign itself.

The team selected Nubukalou Creek given its significance and locality within the Capital City. The famous Nubukalou creek has had regular clean-up organized by the Suva City Council.
Recently, the Suva City Council has carried out a survey through the assistance of the Ministry of Waterways and Environment to understand the scoping for dredging. The request and commitment of the various organizations to start promoting healthy ocean initiatives at Nubukalou Creek is highly appreciated by the team of Special Administrators for the Suva City Council. This is also seen as a great initiative towards making a stand against plastic and Styrofoam waste.

Suva City Council would like to thank everyone who came out to support the great initiative, and of course the key partners for organizing this event and showing commitment to keeping our oceans and communities clean and beautiful.