Taxi Base Permits

Policy for the allocation & transfer of private taxi stands

Criteria for allocation of private taxi stand

  1. Consent from property owner allowing the person of his or her choice to operate from his or her approved taxi stand subject to :
    • That the issue does not exceed the approved number of allocations recommended by Council.
    • Proper facilities to be provided e.g. taxi booth, toilet facilities electricity and telephone.
  2. Approved applicants will be required to pay the following before allocation is made:
    • Business License (this is only applicable to permit holders).
    • If rate payer all rates to be updated unless arrangements have already been made.
    • Any approval for allocation of base is subject to a fee of $22.50
  3. A committee consisting of Director Administration and Operations, Town Clerk and Special Administrator to make the allocations.
  4. Agreement with the Council on strict conditions that is clearly stipulated on the base letters for the use of the taxi stand.
  5. Criteria for transfer of taxi base

    1. All requests for transfer of taxi space must first be obtained from the property owner. The Council at its discretion may or may not grant approval to the request for a transfer of base.
    2. A committee consisting of Director Administration and Operations, Town Clerk and Special Administrator to decide on the applications for a transfer of taxi base.
    3. All requests for transfer must be accompanied with:
      • Declaration and reasons of transfer
      • 2 passport photos of transferee
      • Incase of death, a certified copy of probate, death certificate, birth certificate and marriage certificate.
      • Consent from base owner.

    Criteria for cancellation of private taxi base

    1. The cancellation of base is at the discretion of the property or base owner. However it must be noted that the allocation of base can not be cancelled within the validity term of the taxi permit,(3 years).
    2. Non compliance of the terms and conditions stipulated in the base letter will result in the cancellation of the base.
    3. Any request for reinstatement, replacement or cancelled base is subject to the committee’s approval.

    Fees for the allocation or transfer of private taxi bases

    $22.50 new issues or allocations
    $22.50 confirmation letters (for the purpose of permit renewal)
    $22.50 transfer of base from one owner to another
    $24.75 business license (per annum)

    Terms and conditions on the use of the private taxi stand as stipulated on the base letter

    Approval is granted to operate a taxi from the above taxi stand subject to the following conditions:

    1. Approval is given for one (1) taxi space only effective
    2. No mechanical repairs, spraying etc. of cars to be undertaken at the site.
    3. The site to be kept in a tidy manner at all times.
    4. That you are to pay Business License Fee of $24.75 (Vat Inclusive) per car.
    5. That you are not permitted to operate from the road reserve, footpath, from other premises or Council’s other taxi stands.
    6. That you shall not create any noise nuisance at the stand subjecting to disturbance to the neighbors and others residing adjacent to the approved taxi stand.


    It is therefore, recommended that you make inquiries first with our desk officers on the issuance of a Taxi Base Permit on phone (679) 331 3433 ext 354 or contact Mr. Saverio Ieli on email for more information.