Community Facilities are a valuable resource within any community and the Suva City Council and the City of Suva is committed to the development of a network of facilities which will be a long-term asset to the whole community. These facilities are at the hub of social life, catering for weddings, meetings, dances and other family and community events.

They also provide space for sport and leisure activities such as bowling, exercise, picnics, fitness and relaxation while other facilities offer educational, cultural and lifelong learning opportunities.

Few local towns or cities boast as many sporting fields and recreational facilities as Suva.
The Suva City hosts the beautiful Ratu Sukuna Park in the centre of the City, also it has a number of sporting fields including the Albert Park with rugby ovals and cricket fields and a number of sporting facilities with basketball, netball, volleyball, squash and tennis courts. There is also a Library and a swimming pool namely as the Olympic Pool which is in the centre of the city run by the City Council.

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Civic Centre
Other Recreational Facilities – Fiji Sports Council
Shopping & Leisure
Suva City Carnegie Library
Suva Bus Station
Curio & Handicraft Centre
Suva City Olympic Swimming Pool
Thurston Gradens
Mosquito Island
Council Properties

Civic Centre

The Suva City Council’s Civic Center Hall is the city’s premier indoor entertainment venue available for hire.

An expansive building capable of seating about 500 to 750 people theatre style, it is suitable for a range of activities from concerts and eisteddfods to balls, theatrical productions, dinners, wedding receptions and meetings and conferences. There is also ample car parking at the rear of the building. There are also provisions for leasing of car park space on a short and long term basis.

A Venue To Meet Your Needs

Suva Civic Centre has made available venue hire solutions to residents of Suva and its surroundings since it opens its doors in 19.
With three options offered this venue has it all.

We encourage you to look over the 3 venue options. If you would like to check the availability of dates or discuss your event requirements please call our Property Officer on (679) 990 8679 who would be more than happy to be the first touch point in bringing your event to life.

For more information on the link Civic Centre

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Other Recreational Facilities

The Fiji Sports Council also provides a number of sporting facilities such as the:


Suva has its own set of parks around its municipality. There are 85 parks listed under the Suva City Council and these include the:

Albert Park

One of the most popular sites in Suva is the Albert Park. It is located in the heart of Suva right opposite the government buildings. Albert Park is known for its role as the intended landing place for the first flight across the Pacific, a feat achieved in 1928 by the Australian aviator Charles Kingsford Smith. The park’s lawns served as a runway, with its palm trees cut down for that purpose, when the little plane successfully landed and was welcomed by thousands of onlookers.

This park is home to Rugby, Soccer and Cricket competitions. It has 4 rugby fields where rugby enthusiasts do display their stuff over the weekends

Albert Park is also home to events like the Fiji Day celebrations and the inaugural mother of all festivals in the Pacific the Hibiscus Festival.

Ratu Sukuna Park

Ratu Sukuna Park offers a pleasing and attractive location at the waterfront of Suva, with views of the harbour to the west and Victoria Parade to the east. It is also flanked by the Suva Civic Center, an arts and cultural venue, and a short walk from the Old Town Hall, an ornate landmark of the Victorian era.

The park is named after the founding father of Fiji, Ratu Sir Lala Sukuna.

The Suva Bowling Club provides an added twist by hosting many bowling competitions.

The Rifle Range Golf course provides laid-back entertainment for keen golfers.

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Schools & Universities

The City is the home to the University of the South Pacific which offers courses which are internationally recognized and endorsed. It also now has two more Universities namely as the Fiji National University and the University of Fiji.

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Shopping & Leisure

The main shopping areas are:

More modern shopping malls, such as the:

These are all part of the developments to give the city a modern and sophisticated look.

For more information Suva Shopping & Leisure

Suva Municipal Market

Suva’s city market is the biggest and busiest in Fiji. The market is situated just behind the bus station on Rodwell Road. Sellers tout all kinds of fresh food and home goods — the market is particularly busy on a Saturday morning. The market itself is partly open-air, partly covered. The large market building is a landmark in itself, and the wide open space where sellers trade is also a landmark. Haggling over market prices is commonplace with ethnic Indian sellers. However, ethnic Fijian sellers do not generally expect or welcome haggling at the market.

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Suva City Carnegie Library

Among many other tourist attractions in the city, Suva City Carnegie Library is regarded as one of the most prominent and popular sites. Located in the heart of the Suva City, the Library has been the home for enthusiastic readers and book lovers for a century now.

Membership Fees & Entitlements:

Children/Mobile – $5.50 [2 books]
Secondary students – $11.00[4 books inclusive of 2 children’s books]
Adults/Visitors – $22.00 [4 books inclusive of 2 children’s books]

The Mobile vehicle usually services Primary schools – fee for mobile is $5.50.

Opening Hours:

Monday – Friday – 9.30 am – 6.00 pm
Saturday -9.00 am – 1.00 pm

The library is closed on public holidays and Sunday.

For more information on the Library or contact the Chief Librarian on phone 331 3433 ext. 240

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Suva Bus Station

The Suva Bus Station is located between Rodwell Road and Harris Road in the Central Business District. It is located adjacent to the Suva Municipal Market. The Suva Bus Station is regarded as the busiest transition point and accommodates a staggering 2000 plus bus trips a day to and from the bus station. The majority of the public use this means of transportation to reach their prerequisite destinations especially the working and the education community sectors.

Information on Bus routes and destination sign boards have been placed in the bus station for easy information for the commuters and visitors to Suva. Destination Signs are shown on yellow boards hanging from the bus station ceiling.

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Curio & Handicraft Center & Car park

The Curio & Handicraft Centre is located at the Central Business District along Stinson Parade and consists of 77 Handicraft stalls providing a market place for tourists coming to Suva to purchase Fijian and Island artifacts and handicrafts. The property also has five stories of parking space which is available for short and long term lease.

The Municipal Handicraft Center, in the center of Suva, is a winding street full of local folk arts and crafts. You will find both traditional shops and market stalls at the Handicraft Center, and it is a central place for visitors to purchase local, handmade goods, such as Indo-Fijian woven baskets and fine art. As is tradition in many street markets, vendors will negotiate the prices — feel free to bargain.

For further information – contact the CHC Supervisor on 3313433 ext. 230

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Olympic Pool

The Suva City Olympic Swimming Pool is located at Victoria Parade beside the Vineyard Restaurant and the Suva City Carnegie Library. Built in the Colonial days as a Sea Bath and later converted to fresh water offers the best swimming facilities at very low rates. The pool is 50 meters in length and 25 meters wide and its depth inclines from 3 feet to 8 feet and also offers a baby pool for children as young as 1 year old. The complex also provides basic training equipment and change rooms. The pool has 4 life guards, 1 pool guard and a pool supervisor that mans the operation and safety of the pool users.

The pool is open seven days a week. (Including Christmas Day)

Opening Hours

(During Winter Months – April to September)
Monday to Friday – 10.00 am – 6.00 pm
Saturday and Sunday – 9.00 am – 6.00 pm

(During Summer Months – October to March)
Monday to Friday – 9.00 am – 7.00 pm
Saturday and Sunday – 7.00 am – 7.00 pm

Admission Charges

Adult (14 years and above) – $3.00 or $2.00 if more than 10 in a group
Child (Under 14 years) – $1.50 or $1.00 if more than 10 in a group
Hiring of Cubicles – $5.00
Hiring of lanes – $10.00 per hour for each lane

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Thurston Gardens

Visitors come to the garden each year, making them one of the city’s most popular attractions. The garden is located at the heart of Suva City and displays horticultural species, several greenhouses, and walking tracks. It is open for sightseeing every day of the year and admission is free. The garden can be hired for weddings, birthdays and other small functions.

This gardens were founded in 1881 by Sir John Bates Thurston, an amateur botanist, Thurston Gardens is both a natural and historic landmark of Suva. Visitors can walk along the park’s trails, picnic on manicured lawns and see the natural beauty of the island’s native flora, including tropical trees, palms, ferns, colorful gingers and water lilies. In addition to botanic gardens, the property includes the Thurston Express, a locomotive once used to transport sugar cane that now serves as a fun, stationary attraction for children to climb on; and a bandstand and clock tower dedicated to the G.J. Marks, the mayor of Suva who drowned in 1914. Thurston Gardens is also notable for hosting the Fiji Museum (, where visitors can see artifacts and exhibits detailing the history and culture of Fiji, including some 3,700-year-old archeological remains.

Thurston Gardens (Cakobau Rd. at Queen) is a botanical garden next to the Fiji Museum. It this peaceful, public park has a variety of flora, including water lilies, ginger, palms and other native South Pacific plants. The park is open to the public, and is a good option after a day spent in museums or loud public markets.

For hire, book now on telephone 3313433 ext. 235, or mobile 9908679 or visit the Properties Office located at the Ground Floor of the New Town Hall, Civic Centre, Suva.

For more information Thurston Gardens

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Mosquito Island – Picnic Spot

The Suva City Council also hires out the Nukumaroriko Island (Mosquito Island) for picnics and other functions. Located beside the NOVOTEL Hotel a kilometer drive out of Lami town, the island is an ideal spot for a weekend getaway but is available all year around. However, prior bookings would have to be made to ensure availability.

For more information – Link to mosquito island

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Council Revenue Generation Properties

The council owns several properties in the Central Business District for revenue generation to subsidize council’s operations.

  1. CIVIC TOWER – an Eight-floor commercial building with a basement car park mostly on a long term lease with Government departments.
  2. CIVIC HOUSE – a Six-floor commercial building mostly on a long term lease with Government departments.
  3. OLD TOWN HALL – located on Victoria Parade beside the Suva City Carnegie Library and the Olympic pool which is leased by five organizations and the Vineyard Restaurant.

For further information – contact the Property Officer on 3313433 ext.235

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