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Events 2022

Vodafone Suva City Motor show

Vodafone Suva City Motor show was a supper success with the presence of Hon AG as chief guest.

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SME Markets

Council is organizing monthly SME markets along Stinson Parade. The event has been a success so far and Ratepayers or Citizens who wish to participate in this event, please contact Mr. Ravindran Kumaran n 9980081 or for bookings.

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Constitution Day at the Library

A Fun day filled with activities for the children with their family and friends.

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Special Constitution Day Clean Up

The Fijian Prime Minister joined the Suva City Council and youth groups from Samabula and Wailoku for a Special Constitution Day Clean Up at the seawall this morning. The Prime Minister spent two hours with the youth teams leading the foreshore clean-up. The youth groups were excited by the Prime Minister’s presence and support in promoting a clean and green environment. The morning included walking along the foreshore and picking rubbish that ended up along the foreshore during the heavy tide. This waste found its way into the sea through illegal dumping or littering along nearby rivers.

The Honorable Prime Minister was actively involved in the clean-up and led the team of 100 participants in this program, which was coordinated by the Ministry for Civil Service and the Suva City Council as a Constitution Day Activity.

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Upcoming Events

Fiji Day Celebrations 2022

Fiji Day is the National Day of Fiji and is celebrated on 10 October. Fiji Day marks the anniversary of both Fiji’s cession to the United Kingdom in 1874 and its attainment of independence in 1970. This year the Fiji Day Celebrations will be held on Monday the 10th of October.

Diwali Celebrations 2022

The Festival of Lights is known as Deepavali. The celebration revolves around the triumph of good over evil, purity over impurity, and light over darkness. It is one of the most important Hindu festivals. Diwali marks the return of Lord Rama, who was the seventh incarnation of Vishnu, from a fourteen-year exile. The Festival of Lights takes place on the darkest night (the first night of the new moon) in the month of Kartik in the Hindu calendar. Across India streets and temples are decorated with spectacular light displays and colorful garlands. In their homes, people light small oil lamps called diyas. It is believed that deceased relatives come back to visit their families on Earth during this festival and the lights are a way to guide the spirits home. The sound of firecrackers exploding is common as the noise is said to drive away evil spirits.