CEO Department

Special Administrator
The Special Administrator is appointment by the Government of the day to oversee the policy implementation of the Ministry of Local Government and the Council. As a direct reportee to the Government the position ensures implementation of the Peoples Charter and in particular in relation to Good Governance, transparency, integrity and accountability.

The Special Administrator position ensures that the objectives of the organization and its inhabitance is adhered to and achieved. He also ensures that all of Council standing procedures and policies are updated in accordance with the regulations and duly complied with.

Chief Executive Officer
The Chief Executive Officer has an overriding responsibility in ensuring that various departments are efficient and effective in their respective strategic and operational functions. In this context the Chief Executive Officer is responsible for coordinating and integrating all departmental functions for the purpose of achieving the organization’s goals. Essentially the Chief Executive Officer is responsible for performance monitoring and ensuring the organization is moving towards the right strategic direction.

Internal Audit Section
To assist the Councils in fulfilling its oversight, foresight and insight responsibilities for:

Legal Section

Registry Section


Administration & Operations

The main roles and key responsibilities of the Admin & Operations Department are submitted here under;

Human Resource Section

Property Management Section

Administration Section

City Library

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Engineering Services

The main roles and key responsibilities of the Engineering Department are submitted hereunder;

Works Depot

Town Planning Section

Structural & Building Section

Engineering & Design Section


Health Department

Council has a broad role in the areas of public health & environment health by providing services to improve the living conditions & quality of life of its citizens. The following key activities are rendered by the two (2) sections of the Department.

Sanitation Section

Operation Section

Health Publications


Finance Department

The primary roles and responsibilities of Finance Department are to assist Council in achieving its goals and objectives through the following:

Rates Section

Business License Section

Parking Meter & Towing Section

Revenue Section

Treasury Section

Expenditure Section

Information Technology Section