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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why are there so many requirements for renewal?
A: To enable legality and safety for any business to operate within Suva

Q: Who increased business license fees and by how much?
A: Fiji Islands Government Gazette Supplement No. 34 (Gazetted 26th August 2011) under which Legal Notice No. 74 Business License Act (Cap 204) states an increase of 82% in Business License Fees to come into effect from 1st January 2012. The last increase was in year 2002.

Q: By when should I pay for my license?
A: Business License will only be issued once all requirements are fulfilled and payment made. Rates arrears should also be cleared. The timeline for business license renewal is till 31st January 2012.

Q: Where do I go for the following requirements?

Q: Why is the tenant penalized for issuance of Business license when city rates arrears is not cleared by the property owner?
A: According to council’s internal policy, no business license is to be issued to any property which has arrears in city rates therefore the tenants will also not be issued with license due to the property owner’s laxity. So it is advisable for any business operator before committing to any tenancy agreement to confirm with the landlord on their rates.

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